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Aktion National Airport - All Information on Aktion National Airport (PVK)

Aktion National Airport (PVK) Aktion National Airport (PVK)

Aktion National Airport

Aktion National Airport, Ε952 (National Road Preveza-Vonitsa) & Eirinis Avenue, Aktion Airport, Preveza, Aktion 300 02, Greece. (In Greek: Λεωφόρος Ειρήνης, Aktio 300 02, Greece)
+30 26820 26113
+30 26820 22089 (Lost + Found)
kaaktl@hcaa.gr (Lost+Found)
Aktion National Airport - All Information on Aktion National Airport (PVK)

Aktion National Airport (IATA: PVK, ICAO: LGPZ) serves the cities of Preveza and Lefkada in Greece. Also known as Preveza Airport, the facility is used by NATO and Greek Air Force Command.

The airport is a small one, handling only domestic and seasonal service to several destinations in Europe.

It was initially opened in 1968 as a military airport. In 2015, it was privatized and turned into a civilian airport. It underwent a major renovation. Today, it is vital to the economy and tourism to the region.

The actual location of the airport is on a separate island 7 kilometers south of the city of Preveza. Most of the economic and business establishments in Preveza are from across the Aktio–Preveza Undersea Tunnel.

The tunnel links Epirus and the city of Preveza on the north shore of the gulf with the cape of Aktio (Actium) in Aetolia-Acarnania, in Central Greece, and Aktion National Airport to the south.

The tunnel is the only land transportation route from the airport to the city of Preveza.

The airport has a single asphalt runway. It sits 3 meters above sea level at 38°55′32″N and 20°45′55″E.

Arrivals, Departures and Airlines at Aktion National Airport

History of Aktion National Airport

Upon its establishment in 1968, the airport encountered one accident in 1996 when a NATO-operated E-3 Sentry overran the runway and crashed into a sea wall when the pilot attempted to abort takeoff after thinking the aircraft had ingested birds.

There were only minor injuries and no fatalities, however, the fuselage broke, causing total loss of the aircraft. During the investigation of the incident, no indications of bird ingestion were found. The aircraft was subsequently written off.

In December 2015, the privatization of Aktion National Airport and 13 other regional airports of Greece was finalized with the signing of the agreement between the Fraport AG/Copelouzos Group joint venture and the state privatization fund.

According to the agreement, the joint venture will operate the 14 airports (including Aktion National Airport) for 40 years as of autumn 2016.

A year later, Fraport-Greece presented its master plan for the 14 Greek regional airports, including the International Airport of Chania.

Some of the initiatives taken to make the airport more commercially viable were:

  • General clean-up;
  • Improving lighting, marking of airside areas;
  • Upgrading sanitary facilities;
  • Enhancing services and offering a new free Internet connection (Wi-Fi); and
  • Implementing works to improve fire safety in all the areas of the airports.

Some of the projects are scheduled for completion in 2021 but called off following the Covid-19 outbreak in 2020 paralyzing many airports worldwide, including:

  • Terminal expansion;
  • HBS inline screening;
  • Reorganization of the airport terminal spaces;
  • Refurbishing airside pavements;
  • Expansion in the number of check-in counters;
  • Expansion in the number of departure gates; and
  • Doubling the number of security-check lanes.

In 2019, the passenger traffic at the facility was more than 600 thousand, the highest in the airport’s operation history. In 2021, the airport handled almost 400 thousand passengers.

Transfer Services at Aktion National Airport

Ground transport services to and from Aktion National Airport (PVK) include rental cars, taxis, rideshares, shuttles, and buses in front of the terminal building.

Planning your transfer options before hitting the road will give you peace of mind while in Greece.

Before leaving your home, know what items are allowed in your carry-on bag, what you can pack in your checked baggage, and what items are prohibited.

For the convenience and direction of the riding public, passengers may approach the Airport Information Desk for transport assistance anytime.

Finally, travelers should only transact at the airport counters and other legitimate establishments for their safety.

Rental Car Services at Aktion National Airport

Car rental pick-ups and drop-offs serving Aktion National Airport occur outside the airport facilities.

The customer should walk about 200 meters from the Arrivals Hall to the car rental facility in front of the terminal.

Please inquire at your service provider for specific service hours and return procedures. See and compare all rental car companies at Aktion Airport.

When ready to return your vehicle to the car rental center, remove all personal items before turning over the rented vehicle to the designated facility.

Allow plenty of time for your drive when returning the vehicle. If you’re not sure where to go, give the rental company a call.

For item(s) lost and found inside the vehicle, please contact the rental car company directly.

For item(s) left on a rental car center, please call the company or PVK at +30 2682 026113.

Ride Shares at Aktion National Airport

Rideshare services can drop you off at the departure level. Notify your driver of the airline and preferably the terminal upon entering the airport premises.

Passengers can reserve rideshare by downloading the company’s app on their smartphone and coordinating directly with their driver. They can also request a ride a few days before their flight to avoid the inconvenience.

Ridesharing apps should let users verify the identity of drivers by checking out their faces, license plates, and colors.

Taxis at Aktion National Airport

Upon exit from the Baggage Claim area, proceed to the taxi waiting area outside the terminal building.

Aktion Airport to downtown Preveza is approximately €25.00. The taxi will get you to your hotel door in less than 15 minutes.

If you need to travel outside the city area, please consult your driver for rates. It is customary to give the driver a tip (at least 10% of the fare) for good service.

Keep a record of the cab company, vehicle number, and driver's name when traveling to and from the airport, just in case you leave something behind. See more information about taxis at Aktion Airport.

Ferries at Aktion National Airport

The Lefkada Ferry Station is approximately 20 kilometers from the airport. You can get there by taxi in less than 30 minutes for €40.00. See more information about ferry services at Lefkada near Aktion Airport.

Buses at Aktion National Airport

Daily bus services to and from the airport travel regularly to Preveza, Vonitsa, and Lefkada.

Depending on location and traffic conditions, the journey time to Lefkada is around 30 minutes. From the airport to Preveza, it takes 15 minutes, and Vonitsa, 20 minutes.

Tickets can be purchased by the bus driver. Please approach the Information Desk for assistance. More information about bus services at Aktion Airport.

Hotel Shuttle Services at Aktion National Airport

Many hotels in Preveza have shuttle services though some might require prior reservations. Please confirm if this service is available at your accommodation.

Shuttle services pick up and drop passengers in front of Aktion National Airport. Fares may vary for this service. Please call the hotel front desk for further information.

Additionally, it is customary to give the driver a tip (€5.00 – €10.00 depending on the length of the ride, plus €1.00 per bag if the driver helps you with your luggage).

Parking at Aktion National Airport

The airport provides public parking spaces opposite the terminal. Parking at the facility is free of charge. More about parking at Aktion Airport.

Other Services at Aktion National Airport

Wi-Fi at Aktion National Airport

Aktion National Airport is proud to offer fast, free Wi-Fi service to all travelers. To connect, select the network named “Fraport-Free” on your device.

ATMs at Aktion National Airport

ATM cash machines are located in Arrival and Airside areas.

Currency Exchange at Aktion National Airport

Currency Exchange counters are available at the Airside & Arrivals area.

Restrooms at Aktion National Airport

Restrooms are throughout the airport.

Food and Beverages at Aktion National Airport

There are food and beverages shops throughout the airport terminal. Most food concessions operate on varying schedules.

Shopping at Aktion National Airport

You can do some last-minute shopping inside the facility.

Smoking at Aktion National Airport

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside the terminals. Please follow smoking regulations at the facility.

Lost and Found Section at Aktion National Airport

For items lost on the aircraft or at the gate area, please contact the respective airlines lost and found.

If you lost an item in any other area at the airport, including the security checkpoints and shuttle buses, please contact the Lost and Found Office at +30 26820-22089, Ext. No: 501.

If you need further assistance, please approach the Information Desk at the airport.

When leaving your details for lost items(s), please include your full name, contact details, phone, email, and a description of the item(s).

The airport will keep all lost and found items for a considerable time of at least 30 days. After said period, the property will be deemed abandoned. Please talk to the airport representative at the counter.

Ticketing at Aktion National Airport

Please look for the ticketing counters in the main lobby. Please consult your air carrier or travel agent for more details.

Information Desk at Aktion National Airport

Please look for the Information Desk at the main lobby of this airport.

Baggage Claim at Aktion National Airport

This is a very small airport. Please retrieve luggage at the Baggage Claim area. Carts are available to assist passengers with special needs.

In the case of missing items, contact your respective airline or their airline ticket counter. Passengers can also inquire from the Information Desk for further assistance.

For Lost and Found items, please call the Management at +30 26820-22089, Ext. No: 501

When leaving a message, include your name, email, contact phone number, and a brief description of the lost item(s).

Disabled Passengers at Aktion National Airport

The airport is fully accessible to passengers with special needs, and wheelchairs are allowed to the gates and aircraft doors.

Additionally, passengers may notify the airline, travel agent, ticketing agent, flight attendant, or gate agent when carts, wheelchairs, or medical transportation is needed.

Things to do in Lefkada

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Aktion National Airport Contacts

Address: Λεωφόρος Ειρήνης, Aktio 300 02, Greece
General Phone: +30 26820-26113
General Email: kaak@hcaa.gr
Lost and Found Email: kaaktl@hcaa.gr
Lost and Found Phone: +30 26820-22089, Ext. No: 501
Official Website: https://www.pvk-airport.gr/en

Local Information

Drive on: Right
Electricity: 230V/50Hz.
Plug: C, F
Currency: Euro, €
Wi-Fi at Airport: Travelers and visitors at the airport will have internet access for free. Select the network named “Fraport-Free” on your device.

Services at Aktion National Airport

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